Cans For Cash City Recycling Challenge Collects Over 60 Million Aluminum Cans

Washington, D.C. -- The United States Conference of Mayors and Novelis Incorporated (NYSE, TSX: NVL) announced the winners in the Cans For Cash: City Recycling Challenge at the Conference's 73rd Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. The program challenged like-sized cities to compete against each other in can collection for four $5,000 awards each. During the first two weeks in November, 50 cities collected more than 1.8 million aluminum cans equating to over 60 million cans

“I would like to commend all the participating cities for their tremendous effort to encourage their citizens to recycle and build awareness that it pays off to recycle aluminum cans- both economically and environmentally,” said Brian Sturgell, President and CEO, Novelis, Inc. “Aluminum Cans are 100% recyclable and last year alone, recyclers paid nearly $1 billion for recycling beverage cans. With a 50% aluminum can recycling rate, there is still another $1 billion worth of economic value that communities can capture by keeping aluminum cans out of landfills.”

The winners for the most aluminum cans recycled are:

Division One (population 250,000+) Milwaukee, WI – Mayor Tom Barrett, 539,977 pounds
Division Two (population 100,00-249,999) Knoxville, TN – Mayor William Haslam, 119,547 pounds
Division Three (population 50,000-99,999)Hesperia, CA – Mayor Jim Lindley , 43,089
Division Four (population below 50,000) Elk Grove, IL – Mayor Craig Johnson, 14,940

Novelis and The Conference of Mayors also wanted to help mayors engage their communities in recycling and raise awareness about its importance over the long term. To this end, cities submitted innovative education and marketing ides for an additional $5,000 award. The cities being recognized for the most innovative campaigns are as follows:

Milwaukee (WI) Mayor Tom Barrett attempted to break the world record for creating the longest line of Aluminum Cans. More than 30,000 cans were lined up in a city parking structure, which garnered national media coverage and the number nine spot in ESPN's Top Ten Plays of the Day on November 15, 2004.

Salt Lake City (UT) Mayor Ross C “Rocky” Anderson created a community art project, which encouraged residents to fill a large wire recycling symbol with aluminum cans.

Odessa (TX) Mayor Larry Melton crafted an extensive media and community awareness plan by leveraging existing community partnerships and utilizing local media and the city's website.

Conway (AR) Mayor Tab Townsell established the Conway Can Crusade, which encouraged students to design “Star Wars” themed collection bins. The city then hosted an outdoor showing of Stars Wars and used the bins to collect cans at the show.

“Mayors leveraged their relationships with community and civic organizations, partnered with schools, and linked the can recycling challenge with community improvement and service projects. We are proud that our Cans For Cash Program helped jump start existing programs and re-directed many communities to focus on a common goal,” said Akron (OH) Mayor and Conference President Donald L. Plusquellic.

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